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About Us

Research Innovation and design from the contractor's
point of view
Sway Bracing Reputation of excellence for over 40 years
Innovation, knowledge and wisdom
12" Steel - CPVC - Copper
Hangers Proven leader in special features
Patents that benefit engineering and installation

Sophisticated yet simple to operate
Prompts correct response
Drawings - Thousands

Patents Dozens
Advisory Design and application
Technical expertise from an experienced perspective


1952 Founded by Joe Kirschner
1953 AFCON Model A spray sprinkler
    In production for over 20 years

Patented AFCON Model A sway brace
    The original listed sway brace

1999 ZOI software
The first complete sway brace program
Current Technical affiliations including:
     NFPA 13     UL     FM    OSHPD

Last Updated 3/15/2017



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